People who are under constant exposure to talc based products are at a risk of converting good cells into contagious bad ones, which is cancer.

As observed in the J & J cases using products like Shower to Shower baby powder for a significant amount of time in the genital area was believed by the jury to cause ovarian cancer and then death. There is no warning on the products. J & J continues to deny what two impartial juries have found – that is, their product is linked to talc ovarian cancer. The juries heard the evidence for weeks, saw the statistics and the science and found it was more likely than not that the cancer was caused by talcum powder and J & J should have warned of the risks. Still J & J keeps saying their product is safe and wishing the cancer away.

Talcum Ovarian Cancer Settlements

With over $122 million dollars in the first two verdicts, presently there is no plan to settle the case for women who also had ovarian cancer due to usage of the tac powder or baby powder. These cases need to be litigated. Will J & J step up to the plate and compensate women for their life altering injuries or will they continue to deny? While they are in denial, they are hoping the clock will run out on women’s ability to file timely claims to hold them accountable. Even though the company as of May 2016 is professing their product is safe, if women try to file a claim too late, they will argue out of the other corner of their mouths that the women should have known when they were diagnosed with cancer that Talc could have caused it. They will invoke terms like statute of limitations and argue against things like repose, but cancer does not care for legal terms, and they need to be held accountable. No matter when you or a loved one was injured, call our talc powder litigation team at 1-800-9100-LAW to discuss what can be done to hold J & J accountable. The sooner you obtain representation the better you are in preserving your rights and the samples that may be needed to prove your case. While there is no talc settlement in sight, our firm will spend our time and money fighting for your rights and trying to hold J & J liable for what two juries have now concluded was covered up.