Jacqueline Fox passed away from ovarian cancer that was caused in part by Johnson & Johnson’s talcum powder. J & J had their chance to dispute that conclusion, but a jury found Johnson & Johnson liable for negligence, conspiracy, and failure to warn women of the potential risk of using talcum powder in the genital area. The jury awarded $72 million dollars, but no amount of money can bring back Ms. Fox. The jury foreman felt J & J was hiding something, and hiding something they are. After the trial, J & J reaffirmed that they felt they did nothing wrong, but the jury felt they were covering things up and should have at least put a warning about the potential link to ovarian cancer with long term usage in the genital area.

As per a study conducted on women who used talcum powder in their genital area regularly the increased risk of ovarian cancer was as high as 33%. Nearly 2000 women with ovarian cancer were surveyed to come up with this conclusion.

A well renowned gynecologist has stated that scientists have looked at the ovarian cancer cases and significant talc particles were observed which were consistently present in number of women.

Internet rumblings dismissed the ovarian-talcum link. J & J dismissed the link and some discussion echoed that the Fox case was because the plaintiff were able to put forth their best case and the results would be different when the Defendant tried their case.

May 2016 – Johnson & Johnson Lose their Pick – Jury reaffirms Link

Johnson & Johnson lost their second talcum powder lawsuit. A jury found for Gloria Ristesund, for $55 million dollars concluded that her ovarian cancer was caused by J & J talc powder. The jury believed the company had been aware of health risks since the 1970s but failed to warn women about the talc- ovarian cancer link. J & J still doesn’t believe it besides the statistics, and two impartial juries telling them they’re wrong.