Part 2 – Johnson & Johnson Continues to Deny Consumer Complaints about the Talcum – Ovarian Cancer Risk – TALK TO THE HAND!

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


The Deaf Response from Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson’s response to the entire situation has been anything but responsive, concerned or apologetic. The corporation intends to appeal to all three of the multi-million dollar jury awards. In addition to that, company representatives have repeatedly implicated that all studies which link talcum powder use to ovarian cancer are flawed and cannot be used against the company as verifiable evidence in a court of law, even though the Judge and three juries disagreed. Tara Glasgow, the head of research and development at Johnson & Johnson has stated that “they would never sell a product that they didn’t believe was safe”. In other words, Johnson & Johnson are trying to convince their consumers that the juries were wrong and that any research connecting ovarian cancer with talcum powder use is not credible, even though when objective juries have reviewed the evidence, time and time again, they have found Johnson & Johnson hid the risks and their product caused the cancer.

An Aggressive Denial of Truth

There is no denying the fact that a substantial amount of research has been conducted on the subject of talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Most of the studies confirm that the use of this product for an extended period of time is likely to increase the risk of ovarian cancer from anywhere between 30 to 60%. The list of studies in favor of this argument includes one that was published in the Journal of Gynecological Cancer. Research activity on this subject dates back to 1971, which means that Johnson & Johnson was aware of these claims and findings for decades.  It’s not surprising why juries are so incensed about this conduct.  Imagine, if consumers were informed about the link, how many cases of cancer may have been preventable?

While typing it’s hard to contain the outrage and head shaking about corporate accountability or the reckless lack thereof.  If an individual was found to have given people a product that caused cancer and led to the devastation and death of some, that person would be indicted, prosecuted and held criminally liable.  If a corporation does it there is a lack of accountability and they just pay a fine that’s tantamount to a parking ticket.  J & J may be telling the world to talk to the hand and trying to further conceal and obfuscate the talcum ovarian cancer link, but even though they are not listening, juries have and will continue to hold them accountable unless and until they start warning women of the risks and compensating and settling cases on behalf of women who were injured by their recklessness.

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