Part 1 – Johnson & Johnson Continues to Deny Consumer Complaints about the Talcum – Ovarian Cancer Risk – TALK TO THE HAND!

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Friday, February 3rd, 2017



Businesses are supposed to place a premium on safety.  Corporations in the cosmetics and personal care industry are supposed to listen to their customers and prioritize their needs, demands and safety concerns. This is how responsible companies win over the hearts of consumers and gain their precious trust. Once that trust is broken it’s hard to win back.

You would not want to purchase a body care product unless you had complete faith in the brand. Even though Johnson & Johnson has established itself as a household name in the United States and abroad, it has done a poor job of taking into account the needs and the safety of its consumers over the last few decades.

The Talcum Cancer Controversy – For Whom the Bell Tolls

The talcum baby powder from Johnson & Johnson has been at the center of a cancer controversy that has outraged countless consumers who are pointing their fingers at this mega corporation.  Not only are they upset, they are coming down with cancer from long term usage of baby powder!  This is more than moral outrage – it’s physical harm.

The anger over the cancer talc connection has fermented into legal action. Thousands of women with ovarian cancer have filed lawsuits against Johnson & Johnson, claiming that the use of this powder in the vaginal realm exposed them to elevated risk of cancer. The consumer products giant was ordered by a Missouri jury to pay $72 million in damages to the family of the deceased cancer patient back in February 2016. 3 months later, the corporation suffered another heavy blow as it was ordered to pay $55 million in damages to a cancer survivor. In October 2016, yet again the bell tolled and Johnson was ordered to pay $70 million dollars for another ovarian cancer talcum cancer victim.  However, as John Dunne posited and Hemingway echoed Johnson and Johnson does not seem to ask for whom the bell tolls, even though it’s quite clear it tolls for them.

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