Toxic Hygiene Products: Johnson & Johnson Is a Small Part of a Much Bigger Problem

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


Parents all over the country were left in shock after a Missouri jury ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay up a staggering $72 million in damages to the family of a deceased ovarian cancer patient who had been a regular user of the company’s iconic baby talcum powder. Most people could never have imagined that a product which seems so sweet and innocent could turn out to be a silent killer.

No Warning Labels

The victim, Jacqueline Fox, had been using talcum powders on sensitive parts of her body for years. No one could really blame her as Johnson & Johnson advertises its talcum powder as a product that can safely be applied on the vagina.  The corporation was aware of the talcum ovarian cancer link for decades, but decided against issuing a warning to the consumers.

Unsuspecting Consumers

The news has put a lot of people on alert. Products like Johnson & Johnson’s baby powder have become household names. Most of us have grown accustomed to the idea of using these products on our bodies or on those of our children to maintain personal hygiene. However, only a handful of us were informed about the potential health risks associated with the long term use of such products.

The Danger Is Far Greater than Assumed

What happened with Jacqueline Fox is actually a small part of a much bigger problem. Many of the personal care products on the store shelves that we apply on our hair and body contain chemicals which are linked to a myriad of health problems including ovarian cancer. The scary thing is that these products do not come with any warning labels, which exposes the carelessness and greed of the producers that are in charge of putting these harmful products on the market.

Lack of Standard Safety Tests

There is a very simple reason why personal care products are slowly eating away our health. There is no one to watch the stores in America. In other words, companies in the United States have the legal authority to use ingredients into personal care products without undergoing any standard safety tests. They are also not legally obliged to disclose all the ingredients that are placed in the products.

When compared to Europe, the United States has abysmally poor safety standards for its personal care products. Take for example the fact that most powders in Europe do not contain talc because the producers are unwilling to put their consumers at risk.

What People Can Expect In the Near Future

The lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson will motivate people to stand up against corporations in the cosmetics industry that are willing to compromise the health of the consumers.

Congress is currently looking to update the antiquated 1938 cosmetics laws that are meant to regulate most of the personal care products sold within the country. If the people, legal representatives and lawmakers can stand together, then manufacturers like Johnson & Johnson will have no other option but to make their products safer.

Additional Talcum trials and lawsuits keep mounting up and with a third verdict for the plaintiffs in as many tries, we will see if Johnson & Johnson is held accountable globally and equally as important takes affirmative steps to warn women of the potential risks of ovarian cancer when using baby powder and talcum.





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