Ovarian Cancer Survival Statistics

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Monday, October 24th, 2016

People suffering from cancer hardly ever want to delve into picture-10-24-16survival statistics. Facing reality and swallowing the bitter pill may make life even more discomforting than it already is for cancer patients. That being said, getting to know survival statistics can help many patients understand exactly what to expect during this extremely difficult stage in life and make educated decisions about courses of treatment and preventative measures going forward.

There is no crystal ball telling how long you are going to live if you are suffering from ovarian cancer. It all depends on the individual circumstances and the kind of treatment that is being applied. It is important to remember that no two patients are the same and that different patients respond to the same treatment in different ways.

The following are some general statistics on ovarian cancer. These stats can only give you an idea of how things may pan out in the future. They should not be used to accurately predict the course an individual cancer case will take.

Stage One

Women with stage one ovarian cancer are expected to have a 90% survival rate for five years or more following their diagnosis. Even though this is a pretty high survival rate, an early diagnosis does not guarantee life for the next five years. Effective treatment is required to stretch the life expectancy of an ovarian cancer patient.

Stage Two

More than 40 women out of 100 are likely to survive the first five years or more after being diagnosed with stage two ovarian cancer. Stage 2 denotes that the cancerous tumors remain confined within the pelvic region during this stage and have not spread further.  Containment is a big part of clinical cancer courses of treatment.

Stage Three

Stage three offers a 20% survival rate for five years or longer. By this time, the cancer has spread to the abdominal cavity and may affect the organs of that region.  This is why it is critical whenever symptoms of cancer start to manifest one must consult with a medical professional as soon as possible.

Stage Four

By the time the cancer progresses to the fourth stage, there is only a 5% chance of survival for five years or more after the diagnosis. The cancer may have already spread to the liver and could be starting to affect other major organs of the body including the lungs. Only the most effective treatment methods can help a person survive stage four ovarian cancer for a significant period of time.

Some Other Important Numbers 

● Regardless of the stage in which the cancer has been diagnosed, an average woman has a 70% chance of surviving the first year or more after the cancer has been detected.

● The average ovarian cancer patient has a 50% chance of surviving the first five years.

● 35% of ovarian cancer patients are fortunate enough to survive for ten years or longer.

It is important for patients to remember that they can survive much longer than five or ten years. The five year survival rate is just a way of saying that a certain percentage of women will get to live a minimum of five years.

With proper diagnosis and effective treatment, it is possible for women to overcome ovarian cancer and live longer than a decade.  Advancements in cancer research promise more useful treatment methods that will prolong the lifespan of an ovarian cancer patient.  Further, it is important to try and refine and identify any cancer catalysts and eliminate them.  Drugs, alcohol, and smoking may be factors in the onset and severity of cancer in general.  Studies showing a strong link to baby powder and ovarian cancer should give women a pause about using talcum powder in the genital region.  The talcum-ovarian cancer link is strong and if its too late because of a diagnosis, it’s not too late to stop the usage to further risk progression of the cancer.

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