5 Must Know Facts about Ovarian Cancer

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Saturday, October 22nd, 2016


Ovarian cancer is claiming numerous lives all over the globe even in countries that are known to have state of the art medical technology. It would be fair to say that medical technology has not advanced to the point where this potentially fatal condition can be accurately diagnosed and easily treated. Doctors are yet to come up with screening methods that are 100% reliable.

Under such circumstances, it is extremely important for women to learn as much as they can about ovarian cancer, such as epithelial ovarian cancer, so that they have all the resources needed to tackle this disease and make some meaningful attempts at overcoming it.

The following are five essential facts that people should know about ovarian cancer:

1) It Can Take Years for Ovarian Cancer Symptoms to Surface

Ovarian cancer can remain dormant for a very long period of time. It is really difficult to tell whether there is a tumor growing inside one of your ovaries unless the symptoms make their presence known. By the time the symptoms become noticeable, it may already be too late and the cancer may have progressed to the latter stages where it becomes nearly untreatable.

2) An Early Diagnosis is the Key to Survival

People diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer have a 90% chance of surviving the disease for five years or longer. The problem with an early diagnosis is that it is quite improbable. The disease is caught in the early stages in only a quarter of all cases. There are two main factors that contribute to this low rate of early diagnosis. The first is the vagueness of ovarian cancer symptoms. The signs of ovarian cancer can be very easily mistaken for those of other diseases and health complications. Second, ovarian cancer screenings result in a high number of misdiagnoses.

3) Awareness of the Symptoms is Crucial to Having an Early Diagnosis

Understanding the symptoms of ovarian cancer makes it easier for a woman to report any suspicious signs to her doctor. The sooner the symptoms are reported, the earlier the diagnosis can be performed. Symptoms for ovarian cancer include:
• abdominal or pelvic pain
• loss of appetite
• vaginal bleeding
• consistent bloating
• frequent need to urinate.

These symptoms can be associated with other more common and less serious conditions. However, it is a safe option to have the symptoms checked out as soon as possible if any of these manifest.

4) Use of Talcum Powder for Feminine Hygiene Elevates the Risk

For decades, studies have indicated that the use of talcum powder and other talc-based products on the vaginal region can lead to an increased risk of ovarian cancer. Johnson & Johnson was recently ordered to pay $72 million in damages to the family of a deceased ovarian cancer patient who was a frequent user of the company’s renowned Baby Talcum Powder after a jury found it was linked to ovarian cancer.

5) All Women Are at Risk

You would be shocked to learn that ovarian cancer is diagnosed in approximately a quarter of a million women every single year. Along with that, this fatal disease takes away 140,000 lives annually around the world. Ovarian cancer can affect any woman in the world and her location of residence does not have an effect on her risk of suffering from this disease. In other words, women from both developed and developing countries are at risk of developing ovarian cancer. Certain studies suggest that 1 in 71 women will develop the disease in their lifetime.

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