Johnson & Johnson Talcum Settlement? J & J Reportedly Offered $1.3 Million to Keep the Talcum Powder Cancer Link Confidential

Posted by JTB Law Group, LLC on Thursday, October 6th, 2016


2016 has been a terrible year for Johnson & Johnson mainly because of the cancer controversy surrounding its trademark baby powder-talcum powder product. Not a lot of people were seriously concerned about the safety of the powder until a Missouri jury ordered the mega-corporation to pay $72 million to the family of a deceased ovarian cancer patient who had been a regular user of the product. The company is currently being bombarded with lawsuits from all over the country as more and more people stumble upon studies that link talcum powder use to ovarian cancer and functionally have actually been diagnosed with cancers like epithelial ovarian cancer after long term use of their baby powder. The real shocker to some is that Johnson & Johnson had probably foreseen this predicament a few years ago, but not a shocker to all, since there’s no level a company won’t sink to when it’s in cover up mode.

The First Lawsuit Against J&J

Not a lot of people know that the first lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson with regards to the talcum powder cancer link was filed in the year 2009. The person who filed the lawsuit was a woman named Diane Berg who had developed ovarian cancer at the age of 49. Diane, like a lot of other women in the country, had been using Johnson & Johnson talcum powder to take care of her feminine hygiene needs for most of her lifetime.

The Million Dollar Offer

Four years after Diane filed the lawsuit Johnson & Johnson allegedly approached her with an offer of $1.3 million as a form of settlement. In return for the money, she was expected to withdraw the lawsuit and sign a nondisclosure that prevented her from speaking about the offer and the cause of her ovarian cancer to anyone, including friends, family and especially the press.

Was the Offer Taken?

For Diane Berg, money was never an important factor in exposing the talcum powder cancer link. Even though she was not awarded any money by the jury, it did find enough ground to link talcum powder use with the development of ovarian cancer. Diane declined the money because she was genuinely determined to spread awareness about the carelessness and negligence and cover-up of Johnson & Johnson’s talcum ovarian cancer link. Diane believed that the corporation had knowledge of the talcum powder cancer link for forty years, but purposefully hid the facts from the American public.  She also believed Johnson & Johnson left no stone unturned in making women all over the country believe that this product was perfectly safe for use, even though some studies show it’s now, which is evident from their advertisements that promote the powder as an intimate hygiene product.

Is Johnson & Johnson Making Amends?

Johnson & Johnson remains unapologetic about the entire situation and intends to continue the production of its talcum powder without changing the formula to make it safer and continues to flaunt the safety of talcum despite studies and two juries believing otherwise. The company also has no plans of issuing a warning label on the talc-based products, which is hardly surprising given the fact that J&J has refused to acknowledge any research that links ovarian cancer with talcum powder use, even though it’s internal documents allegedly acknowledge it.

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